Mar 152014

A few hours after I posted my latest video on YouTube, I received an email from them saying that the video had been blocked, because it showed content owned by Warner Bros.

First thought: Oops. Second: How on earth did they do it? 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Third, this morning I sent an apology to Warner Bros. through their YouTube channel and asked them to please retract the block. I hope they do it. I thought I wasn’t doing anything terribly wrong by using a few clips from Dial M for Murder, the 1954 Hitchcock thriller which I talked about in a few posts last year. If anything, I was doing them a favour in promoting the movie, which has been recently released in Blu-ray in its original 3D format – highly recommended.

1954: 60 years ago! Extraordinary – as Inspector Hubbard would say. By the way, John Williams, the actor impersonating the Inspector, was 50 at the time. I’m going to the gym.

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