Nov 292013

As a further proof that Bernanke bashing has nothing to do with political divisions, but is “just” a matter of knowledge vs. ignorance, take a look at this video:

It was July 2009. Alan Greyson, a Florida Democrat, posted it on Youtube. A couple of days later Zerohedge promoted it as “Grayson grilling Bernanke“. If you saw Bernanke’s GWU lectures, there is no need to comment. Hat Tip to Economics of Contempt, who picked it up immediately. My only comment to Greyson is: Stop shoe shining your hair: it shows!

My respect and admiration for Bernanke extends to the saintly patience with which he periodically had to face these excruciating scenes. He actually does have a saintly look, doesn’t he? (HT

A good man. I am looking forward to his memoirs, when he will finally be able to get everything off his chest. Being the gentleman that he is, though, he probably won’t.

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